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  • Welcome to WiSport

    Check out the New WiSport Forum

    The WiSport forums are now open and active. Check them out for the latest news and happenings.

    WiSport T-Shirts

    Official WiSport t-shirts are now available. Cost is $15. A variety of sizes are available. The shirts are manufactured by Gildan, so will be getting a quality piece of clothing. Proceeds benefit WiSport.

    See Andrea Potyondy-Smith or Matt Hanson for details. You may also email tshirts@wisport.org

    2014 Member Drive Information

    In an effort to promote WiSport and citizen racing, we will be starting a membership drive. The benefit to you? Free membership!

    In order to track sign ups for the member drive, the person you refer needs to enter your name in the referred by box on the registration form.

    If you have not signed up yet for the 2014 season, you will receive your membership free for this year. If you have already signed up for 2014, and recruit 3 new members after the fact, then you will receive your 2015 season membership free.

    Previous members are only eligible if they were a member in 2011 or earlier.

    Hello and welcome to the New WISport website

    Over the past 4 months we have made many changes to the site including updating our scoring system to insure ever more accuracy in scoring.

    There are a couple of new rule changes to WiSport for 2014. First is the minimum required number of races to qualify for an end of the year award. If you are a Menzel Rider you will need to compete in a minimum of 8 of the races in the Series to qualify for any of the jerseys. For Best of 7 you will need 5 races and Time trial you will need 4 races to qualify for a trophy.

    I also want to thank R.J. Ochmann and Andrea Potyondy-Smith for their help behind the scenes here at WiSport. They will be announcing new changes throughout the year for the organization.

    Thanks again and please register and get your friends to register also.

    Matthew Hanson
    WiSport Director